“ It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or the skill level you’re at, we all have the ability to make it and that’s what I am here to teach you, whether it is to build confidence in yourself or to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I am here to teach, advise and motivate you.”

Zieneb Farha – Makeup Artist

Private Lessons

ZF Makeup Artistry provides private one on one lessons. Receiving a personal lesson from Zieneb Farha includes the educator herself thoroughly teaching you how to match, apply and correct with makeup to your skin type and face shape teaching you tips and tricks to enhance your everyday skills and Build confidence in doing your makeup day to day also making it fun ! You will also learn about your colour analysis and which products will work best for you. With the choice to bring in your own products, to be advised if they are suitable for you, of course as well as introducing you to new products. Private lessons are not only for beginners but also those who want to learn more challenging makeup tricks and styles.

are offered

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2 hours

Includes small
goodie bag

1.5 hours

Includes small
goodie bag


At ZF Makeup Artistry we know a thing or two about makeup and the art of application.

I will give you the steps to succeed, the steps to gain confidence and the techniques in doing your own makeup and enhancing your natural beauty. This class is for women of all ages its not based on changing or transforming into something extravagant, but brining out your natural beauty as a every day woman you will be shown how to enhance your features and apply makeup correctly.

Teaching you tips and tricks to improve and build on your makeup skills build confidence with in your self and enjoy the process of the application art of makeup. I will be teaching you how to get a beautiful and flawless day time makeup look, the simplest of tricks will have an outcome on your makeup application. The day look will then be turned into a night look more dramatic and glamourous and learn how easy it can be to master a smoky eye and perfect contour.


Thoroughly detailed demonstrations on models, followed by practical workshop, where you will then practice the makeup on yourself with the provided product as well as my assistance.

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