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This website is owned and operated by ZF Makeup Artistry. Your use of this site, information, materials, products and services provided mean that you accept these Terms. To confirm details of the content of this website please contact ZF Make up Artistry. We are not held liable for any loss, damage that arises in connection with your access to this website.


To secure your booking deposit is required. If a cancellation is made at any time the deposit is forfeited as a cancellation fee. If you simply do not show up to a booked appointment, the deposit is forfeited. If you wish to change your existing appointment to another time/date your paid deposit is still included, provided your booking is rebooked to service within a 2 week period of the existing booking.

Intellectual Property Rights

ZF makeup Artistry  name and logos may not be written without our consent. You agree that all materials, data, graphics, video, displayed on this site are available for your personal use only. Photos of individuals from classes or groups taken by ZF Makeup Artistry are permitted to be used by ZF Makeup Artistry  unless requested politely by individuals in the photo or parent/guardian to have the photo or video removed.

Professional images on ZF make up artistry may not be reproduced, copied or digitally manipulated without the consent from ZF make up artistry .  Use of these images for other promotional purposes, design, and branding is a violation of the Australian and International Copyright laws.

Images or content used on this website without our permission is a violation of Copyright laws http://www.ag.gov.au/Copyright/Pages/default.aspx

Before disclosing personal information on these websites please examine the terms and conditions of the site, as they may differ from this site and that of others.

ZF Makeup Artistry shall not be liable for omissions or failure to perform her duty, in an period through an accident caused by events regarded beyond her control. If the Artist should be materially or physically incompetent to have the ability to perform her services for any reason, she shall have the option to be replaced by a trained assistant.

Changes of Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to update, modify, add, delete and make correctionsto the website at any time without notice.

Images on Site

Professional images of ZF Makeup Artistry work will not be used unless permitted otherwise by their respective photographers.

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